Отзывы » 26.02.2015 Поздравления Открытому Миру на английском языке от учащихся языковой школы

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Дорогой "Открытый Мир"!

Поздравляю тебя с днем рождения! Хочу пожелать тебе: оставайся таким же перспективным, интересным, занимательным и актуальным! (Гаврилова Мария).

Dear Open World! I have been learning English with you for a long time and I'm never tired to go into your class. I have a great teacher. Her name is Julia Alexandrovna. Together we do different exercises, speak English, translate texts and every day I know something new. Together with Open World I have come to better understanding of English, I got better grades in English at school and I began to communicate in English in other countries.

Open World, thank you very much! ( Смирнова Настя)

My Open World! I love my school!

My name is Anya. I'm twelve years old. I stady at Open World school in Novosibirsk. My school is best. All classrooms of our school are light and spacious. Teachers who work in our school are very good, but my teacher is fantastic. Her name is Yuliya Alexandrovna. Her lessons are very intersting.Yuliya Alexandrovna is a teacher of English. I like to go to this school I'm going to do it again and again! I love Open World School! (Данигевич Анна)

My school is Open World! When I was 6 years old I started to learn English in Open World. I went to every lesson as a holiday. Every lesson we played developing games, learned new worlds. The atmosphere in the school is very comfortable, very light. All the teachers are friendly, polite and presentable. Also they do their best to have beautiful classes, they work responsibly. In this time. it is very important to learn English, and Open World helps in it. I love Open World! (Самулина Анна).

My school is Open World! I go to the language school "Open World". I like this school because the teachers are very kind and the children are friendly. I learn English in this school and my teacher Julia Alexandrovna gives knowlendge in a very interesting way. When I didn't go to "Open World" I had only bad marks in English in my school. I think this school is the best!!! (Когалёнок Дима).

I like Open World! I like Open World because It helps me know English well! I wasn't good at English before but now I'm really better! (Багателия Константин)